she looks like him

and its spooky

my roots in aberdeen
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I have alot to say, but i'll leave that to you, I'll leave that to those who have the ability to expound their whines better than I. The facts to back up the complaints and the patience to debate. The impossible deprogramming of the plantation owners, their workers, and their slaves. The slaves born into their world un-questioning, un aware throught their generations acceptance of "thats just the way it is." Stripped of culture in the pen. Bred in a pen and losing ink, but refilling to prey of disposable goods and pray of the dispensible through the faith given by the feudal lords, "take it or leave it." "like it or lump it." "I brought you into this world and i'll take you out." "i'll be the judge of that." No instinct to escape, crawling over each other in an overly populated tank, just lying there waiting to be fed eating more than you need and wanting more cause you never know if its ever going to come again. Breeding & Eating & Waiting & Complaining & Praying.

I am trying to play god...so please be peaceful while posting in the community.

There is no limit on entries per day, and no subject too unorthadox save over the top irrelevent racsism.

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